Creative Thoughts

Photo by Djordje Petrovic

If you came across any great, successful, creative, and dynamic person, you probably noticed one habit they possess is to bring all good and creative idea they receive into process without delay. If you really want to be creative and successful, the first you need to discipline yourself. Do not remain idle and inert.

This is an important secret of life; if you remain idle without doing something useful your mind thinks scattered and random thoughts, and wastes its energy. Your good thoughts should definitely be brought into action. A thought is like an unripened fruit that is not yet eaten by anyone. Ripening fruit means bringing a positive thought into action. Many good thoughts die because they are not brought into action.

To be creative in this manner is technique that have to learn for yourself by forming good, sound, healthy habits, physically and mentally. A positive, dynamic person conducts his duties well and has established coordination between his thoughts, speech and action.


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