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Habit Patterns - Observe it regularly!

Habit Patterns Your personality can be changed in this lifetime, you can attain the highest rung of life, a state free from pain and misery. Don't postpone this, as you postpone the other joys of your life. Enlightenment is your birthright; that state is freedom from pain and misery. Enlightenment is not something acquired or new-it is already there within. You can realize that state. Learn to work with yourself to remove the barriers to your growth. Learn to transform your habits and thus purify and perfect your personality. This is your challenge-to transform your own personality! When you do something unconsciously, it means that your habit pattern is very deep and you are not aware of it. When you do things unconsciously it means that you accept a kind of helplessness in that area, and when you have accepted defeat in working with yourself then you secretly condemn yourself, and then, when someone else says something you resent, you become outraged and offended. For this, sit d