Beginning Spiritual Path

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Sometimes wisdom flows through you. When you have compassion, all good things will come through you. If you don't have compassion and if you are selfish, then only the negative will come out of you. When you are learning to teach your children, your first responsibility is to develop compassion, but if compassion is not there, then imparting knowledge is like planting seeds in a barren field in which nothing will grow. Thus, the first stage of a parent's growth is to develop compassion.

Never close the gates of learning; they should remain open. There is no end to knowledge; don't allow yourself to think that you know everything. Always remember that you still have more to learn, because there is no end to your learning. This knowledge is Anata limitless. With such love and compassion you should try to teach your children and attend to each child personally.

It is helpful to form a habit of doing your exercise, breathing practices, eating your meals, and going to bed at exactly the same time every day. These are four important functions that you should regulate. You will enjoy life better if you do this.


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