Habit Patterns - Observe it regularly!

Habit Patterns Your personality can be changed in this lifetime, you can attain the highest rung of life, a state free from pain and misery. Don't postpone this, as you postpone the other joys of your life. Enlightenment is your birthright; that state is freedom from pain and misery. Enlightenment is not something acquired or new-it is already there within. You can realize that state. Learn to work with yourself to remove the barriers to your growth. Learn to transform your habits and thus purify and perfect your personality. This is your challenge-to transform your own personality! When you do something unconsciously, it means that your habit pattern is very deep and you are not aware of it. When you do things unconsciously it means that you accept a kind of helplessness in that area, and when you have accepted defeat in working with yourself then you secretly condemn yourself, and then, when someone else says something you resent, you become outraged and offended. For this, sit d

Creative Thoughts

Photo by Djordje Petrovic If you came across any great, successful, creative, and dynamic person, you probably noticed one habit they possess is to bring all good and creative idea they receive into process without delay. If you really want to be creative and successful, the first you need to discipline yourself. Do not remain idle and inert. This is an important secret of life; if you remain idle without doing something useful your mind thinks scattered and random thoughts, and wastes its energy. Your good thoughts should definitely be brought into action. A thought is like an unripened fruit that is not yet eaten by anyone. Ripening fruit means bringing a positive thought into action. Many good thoughts die because they are not brought into action. To be creative in this manner is technique that have to learn for yourself by forming good, sound, healthy habits, physically and mentally. A positive, dynamic person conducts his duties well and has established coordination betwe

Beginning Spiritual Path

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich Sometimes wisdom flows through you. When you have compassion, all good things will come through you. If you don't have compassion and if you are selfish, then only the negative will come out of you. When you are learning to teach your children, your first responsibility is to develop compassion, but if compassion is not there, then imparting knowledge is like planting seeds in a barren field in which nothing will grow. Thus, the first stage of a parent's growth is to develop compassion. Never close the gates of learning; they should remain open. There is no end to knowledge; don't allow yourself to think that you know everything. Always remember that you still have more to learn, because there is no end to your learning. This knowledge is  Anata  limitless. With such love and compassion you should try to teach your children and attend to each child personally. It is helpful to form a habit of doing your exercise, breathing practices, eating your

The Vedic Thought

Vedic Thought is believe to be the most ancient philosophy of the world. Its principles and fundamentals are widely been used in various religions. It is the origin of many oriental religions and ideologies. Vedas & Upanishads are key sources of Vedic philosophy. Vedanta Vedanta means knowledge. Knowledge of life is Vedanta so as, learning the modern day Science is also Vedanta. The meaning of the word Veda from which the word Vedanta derived is knowledge. Vedanta is not limited up to four Vedas and Upanishads. Therefore, all knowledge is Veda, infinite as whole universe. Nobody ever creates knowledge. It is always discovered. Past, present and future is all knowledge. Every book which gives good knowledge is Vedanta. For instance, if some persons go down on the knees before the man who reads the Vedas and if they doesn't pays respect to the person who is studying physics/ chemistry for formulating some new breakthrough for the science world then it is not at all Vedanta. Know

Independence a reality check

Today we have largest number independent democratic countries in the history of human civilization. Majority of today’s countries have their own elected government and the representative. Peoples of such countries enjoy their own state’s law. Human civilization has developed itself from nomadic to democratic states. In past, nations have been governed by authoritarian rules of Kings and their councils. Today, we have people’s elected representatives for governing our nations. Now the questions arises, are we really lives a independent life in today’s democracy? The path to democracy was long in human civilization. Still democratic system “people’s own rule” can be debatable. We can find signs of authoritarianism in modern democratic system. The elected representatives, the law makers of today’s world sometimes tends to be an authoritarian. For instance, one of the basic privilege of any citizen is of safety. Really think of it. Irrespective of the country deve

The Seven Cultures

For evolution of the human soul It is rightly said that, “an ounce of practice is better than tons of  theory. Here we have mentioned about few suggestions which can cultivate the essence of the Eternal Culture in its purest form. Suggestions are suitable for modern busy householders with fixed hours of work. One can modify them to suits own convenience & increase the period gradually. It is advisable to take in beginning few practicable resolves which form a small but definite advance over ones present habits and character. In case of certain health issues, pressure of work or any unavoidable engagements one can observe minimum for the period. Spiritual Culture It is better to be in bed early at night. One should get up at 4 o’clock in morning. After answering calls of nature like, cleaning mouth and taking bath, etc., practice yogic breathing (Pranayama) and meditation from 5 to 6 o’clock. Morning time is best for yogic breathing and meditation. Meditating in Padma, Siddha o

Holistic Approach for Healthy Living

O ur good health is the greatest blessing of God. When we born, we get a complete good healthy body. There is very few percentage of babies born with some defects or problems. If being health our main objective is to nourish our body, protect it and keep it in best form by time to time maintaining the functions of our body. For maintenance of our body we have to do certain work out, some people do exercise, some take massage and some play games. To strengthening the body steroids are not the solution. For this modern chemical drugs are of no use, for this the best way is to go by Nature. We are also a nature's product and to protect it by keeping our body in fittest form is possible only by Nature Way. Nature is very vast and has lot to give. If we study animals and plants life we can understand, that those living beings are using only natural product for their betterment. They live with the nature and behave according to nature, that's why they doesn't get ill very quick