Independence a reality check

Today we have largest number independent democratic countries in the history of human civilization. Majority of today’s countries have their own elected government and the representative. Peoples of such countries enjoy their own state’s law.

Human civilization has developed itself from nomadic to democratic states. In past, nations have been governed by authoritarian rules of Kings and their councils. Today, we have people’s elected representatives for governing our nations.

Now the questions arises, are we really lives a independent life in today’s democracy?

The path to democracy was long in human civilization. Still democratic system “people’s own rule” can be debatable. We can find signs of authoritarianism in modern democratic system. The elected representatives, the law makers of today’s world sometimes tends to be an authoritarian.

For instance, one of the basic privilege of any citizen is of safety. Really think of it. Irrespective of the country develop or under-develop, that the country’s government primary duty towards their citizens is of safety and security. The leaders should work to secure their citizens before them. Is this really what happens in regular governance? I think not. Instead they allocate more and more funds on VVIP’s security. Deploying more security to safeguard government establishments. Just take statistics from any country on how many of the leaders and the common citizens been killed in violence? The numbers of common citizens are far more.

This is just one issues, there are many more, like right of speech and so on.

Sometime relation among leaders & their followers looks similar to the above pic.

A question still stands, are today’s democratic systems are flawless? Are they do need to get better?

Probably our democracies will become and function better as we become more civilized.

Independence is stage should be enjoyed by all. To be independent one should be librated from foreign rules and regulations. The basic rule of co-existence should always be honored. One day highest stage of being civilized will be achieved by us. Where everyone will live in peace, harmony, designate their nation’s law and will self impose it.


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